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Kadugu Mangai (Tender Baby Mango, Vadu Mangai) Pickle

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Whole Raw Tender Mango, Mustard, Red Chilli Powder, Rock Salt



The joy of biting into a 'baby' raw mango covered with a fine layer of spice and discovering the raw, sour, juicy flesh inside is indescribable. Vadu Mangai, Maavadu or Kadugu Mangai, is a unique pickle that combines mustard with tender mangoes and is enjoyed differently by every person in Girija Paati's family.

Today, you can enjoy the irresistible tender mango pickle straight from Girija Paati's ancestral village and be transported back in time, in just one bite.

Enjoy with South Indian stye curd rice or add a few pieces (with the pickle juice) to a bowl of curd and create a delicious dip to enjoy with poori or appalam (papad).

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Customer Reviews

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Grandmas recipe

It reminded me of my Patti's recipe and taste. So very happy. A feedback would be to let the manga soak in the juice a little more.

Thank you, Aarthi for taking the time to leave this love-filled review.

We're so happy that our pickles reminded you of the joy of being fed by your Paati.
We have noted your feedback on the soaking time and are allowing the Kadugu Manga to marinate a bit more before shipping the next batch.

We hope to delight you with our old-fashioned, traditional pickles for many more years.
Thank you for your support of our small business.

Team Girija Paati

Megh Ravi

Awesome packing

nice tender mangoes

this is very good product, enjoy it !

Delna Patel
Excellent Tender Mango

I'm not from south India nor am very familiar with the local food but Vadu Mango pickle has been my favourite since 25 years. After many years I discovered it being made by Girija Paati's and I ordered it. It was fantastic. Spicy, juice, delicious and a burst of flavour int he mouth. Excellent quality spices and baby mangoes. I will order other pickles as well to try and never order this one from anyone but them.

Right proportion

Everything is in right proportion, the sourness, salt, chilly powder, tender mangoes