Fresh juicy lemons, Healing turmeric, Sea Fresh rock salt

With all the probiotic goodness of the spicy lime pickle, Girija Paati wanted her young kids to reap the benefits of this homemade wonder as well.

So about 40 years back, she started setting aside a batch of the salted limes for the little ones. Lo and behold! as these limes steeped and fermented in their own juices, the whole mixture turned into a delicious savoury jam that had everyone in the family licking their lips.

So, if you just want an oh! so tangy! accompaniment to your meal or if you’re not really a pickle person, then try out this alternative, you will be treated to a burst of flavour that there’s no coming back from.

Don’t have time to make a side dish for your child’s lunch, don’t worry. Just drop a spoon of this salted lime goodness into their lunch box and watch the rotis, pooris, curd rice (almost everything actually) disappear as they use it to scoop up this golden goodness.

Salted Lime Pickle