Fragrant black pepper, Soothing cumin, Spicy dried red chillies - hand-roasted and blended together

It is said that the test of an accomplished South Indian cook is in the making of his or her rasam. This simple fare is deceptively so as it requires skill and practice to perfect.

Having Girija Paati’s Rasam Podi on hand can make this task a breeze, whether you are cooking for yourself on cosy night at home, creating a healthy meal for your family or making a classic South Indian soup for your Indian-food loving friends.

With a blend of healing spices, this rasam podi can cure colds, sooth tummy aches and create goodwill. Girija Paati’s Rasam Podi is perfect for making the classic molugu zeera (pepper cumin) rasam, though many of our clients add a dash of it to season and spice up their tomato rasam as well.

Rasam Podi