A secret, old-fashioned recipe with Horse Gram, Bengal Gram and Healing asafoetida

Paruppu Podi is an all-time favourite of every South Indian mother. When there’s no time to cook anything except rice, how do you serve your family a nutritious meal? Well, that’s when paruppu podi comes to the rescue with its ingenious combination of lentils, spices and seasoning.

Girija Paati’s Paruppu Podi takes it one step further on the health and taste scale with the addition of the miracle pulse, the horse gram. This seed has medicinal qualities that are said to aid with kidney stones, heart diseases, ulcers, asthma, jaundice, leukoderma, bronchitis, the common cold and ulcers.

Paruppu Podi is typically added to rice after it has been flavoured with a splash of til (sesame/gingelly) oil or a dollop of ghee, making the dish a complete meal in itself.

Recommended side dishes are a stir-fried green vegetable and sutta applam (fire-roasted papad).

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Paruppu Podi with Kollu (Lentil Rice Powder)