Spicy green chillies, Tangy tamarind, Healing asafoetida, Sea-fresh rock salt.

Milagai Curry is a product that is particularly dear to Girija Paati. It is one of the first products that she innovated on her own as a young bride (of course based on a recipe she remembers making with her mother). It was a perfect amalgamation of the varied tastes of the huge joint family she had married into.

The green chillis for her husband who loves spice, the tamarind for her father-in-law who wanted a hint of tang in everything and asefotida for her mother -in-law who had a sensitive palate. Perfected by Girija Paati over 50 years of cooking for her in-laws, husband, children and grandchildren, this recipe embodies all that our brand stands for.

Enjoy this delicious thokku (South Indian cooked paste / pickle) with dosas, idlis, chappattis, parathas, rice, as a base for your curries and sabjis, why even in your cocktails. The options are endless.

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Milagai Curry (Green Chilli & Tamarind Pickle)