Handpicked and hand roasted curry leaves bring a whole new dimension to our classic paruppu podi

A single, magical ingredient that addresses a whole host of health issues, right from stomach upsets to iron deficiencies, morning sickness to high blood sugar, the humble curry leaf is every Indian grandmother’s secret weapon. Why, it may even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s?! Now isn’t this reason enough for the whole family to have a bit of this magical herb every day? 

Girija Paati’s paruppu podi, adds fresh curry leaves into an already nutritious mix, to bring you a delicious staple podi that can be eaten every day, at home or on the go.

Mix it with rice after it has been flavoured with a splash of til (sesame/gingelly) oil or a dollop of ghee, making the dish a complete meal. 

For a more elaborate meal, serve with hot kootu (vegetable stew) and crispy sutta applam (fire-roasted papad).

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Karuvepillai Paruppu Podi (Curry Leaf Lentil Powder)