Dry hand-roasted pulses, Andhra Red Chilli Podi, Healing asafoetida, Strengthening sesame (til)

Every South Indian home has a version of Idli Podi which in their minds is the ultimate formula. This is one item which makes the simple idli or dosa into a gourmet meal. Spice, tanginess and some awesome health benefits come together to help the harassed parent serve their kids a wholesome, healthy meal with absolutely no guilt.

Today, not all of us have the time to make this staple at home the way we want to and that’s where Girija Paati comes in. Her trademark formula is not just absolutely delicious, but it also has some amazing health benefits given the highly nutritious and restorative ingredients.

Enjoy this classic Idli Milagai Podi in some of our favourite ways: sprinkled into chilli cheese toast for an extra boost, generously spread onto idles before making idli fry, whipped into curd to make a yummy dip, and of course with your idli and dosa at tiffin time.

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Idli Milagai Podi (Spicy Idli Powder)