Fresh curry leaves, Nutritious Lentils, Tangy Tamarind, Dried Red Chillies, Flavourful Garlic

Garlic karuveppilai podi is very special to Girija Paati as it marks over 50 years of friendship with women who have been her companions through a long eventful life.

A group of women who managed to make time for friendship while they wee busy raising families and caring for elders. This recipe is one she learnt from her friends who carried their Andhra traditions to Tamil Nadu when they got married and moved to Chennai.

A tangy crisp podi that combines beautifully with rice and ghee, or gingely oil, to create a flavourful dish that can be enjoyed with hot kootu (vegetable stew) or curd and crispy sutta applam (fire-roasted papad).

Sometimes, friends become family!


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Garlic Karuvepillai Podi (Garlic Curry Leaf Rice Powder)