Fresh Rice Flour, Country Jaggery, Fragrant Cardamom, Absolutely No Sugar

Girija Paati's Adhirasam are little slices of heaven that melt in your mouth, even as you bite into them. This old-fashioned recipe combines the delicate flavours of cardamom, the all-natural sweetness of jaggery and the wholesome goodness of rice flour in a proportion that has been perfected over decades. Each ingredient is prepared by hand using methods that are uncompromising in the precision they demand. 

Enjoy this unrivalled delicacy that embodies traditional sweet-making techniques passed on from generation to generation, either as a dessert at the end of a meal or as a wholesome nutritions snack with a cup of filter coffee.

Traditionally made only during certain festivals in Tamil Nadu, this product is available for a limited period only. Orders yours today!


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