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Create Your Own Banana Leaf Meal

This Vishu / Tamil New Year, enjoy with Girija Paati's traditional favourites


Puli inji

I loved the puli inji even though I don’t like inji pieces. But this was perfect.

Chitra Gopal

New Delhi

Chakka Varatti (Jackfruit Halwa)

Rceived the packet. The taste of the halwa (jackfruit) was sublime. The best part was engaging with you as you responded with kindness and promptness.

Vaani Arora


Banana Chips

Perfect ....very delicious

Sangeeta Jagadesh


Kerala Style Puli Inji

I found it very authentic, having lived a few years in Kerala.
Next time I will try the jackfruit halwa also.

Vinitha P


Why Girija Paati?

  • 50-100 yr old family recipes

    These are home-made childhood favourites made by Girija Paati's grandmother from Kalpathi village (Palakkad).

  • Made only during harvest

    Say Jackfruit Halwa (Apr-Jun) or Puli Inji (Feb-Mar) with ingredients sourced from villages in Tamil Nadu & Kerala.

  • Zero preservatives or colouring

    Made with zero preservatives and cured with coconut oil, ghee and jaggery.

  • Celebrate with taste and health

    Traditional recipes that use healthy natural ingredients. We use pure coconut oil for chips. Our Jackfruit Halwa and Puli Inji are made with pure pure Jaggery with zero white sugar.