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Tomato Rasam Recipe - Girijapaati Style

Girija paati's tomoato rasam

Team Girija Paati |

Girijapaati's tomato rasam is tangy and spicy and completely addictive. The secret with this recipe is timing and if you get that right, it's a breeze.

Try it out and let us know.

Serves 2

Tamil recipes - southindian - - tomato rasam - tangy soup rasam - Girija Paati’s recipes - Girijapaati

* Green chilli - whole - 1 big
* Sambar Podi - 1.5 tsps heaped
* Asafoetida (rock) - approx 15 gms
* Curry leaves - approx 1 tbsp
* Coriander - approx 1 tbsp
* Water - as required
* Tomatoes - 3 large - chopped into medium sized pieces
*  Thoor dhal - 30-40 gms
* Salt - to taste
* Turmeric
* Gingelly oil - 1/4 tsp
* Tamarind - one small lemon sized ball - approx 15 gms

Seasoning / Tadka (all to taste)
* Ghee - 1 to 2.5 tsp
* Mustard seeds
* Dried Red Chillies - 2
* Curry leaves

Tamil recipes - southindian - - tomato rasam - tangy soup rasam - Girija Paati’s recipes - Girijapaati

1. Wash and pressure cook the thoor dhal with 2 cups water one tomato, turmeric and gingelly oil for 5 whistles.
2. Make tamarind water with one cup water and the tamarind.
3. Take a deep pot, add in the green chilli, sambar podi, asafoetida, curry leaves, salt, coriander, water, 2 tomatoes and mash all off it together by hand.
4. Place the pot on a flame and allow the mixture to cook, till it starts boiling.
5. Pour in the tamarind water and bring to a boil again.
6. Pour in most of the thoor dhal water and then use a little bit to mash the dhal and pour the dhal mash in as well. Allow the mixture to reach a boil.
7. Then add in one or two cups more water, depending on the tang and consistency you want. Allow to cook well.
8. Switch off the flame just when the rasam starts to foam and before it reaches a boil.
9. Make a tadka of ghee and the other seasoning ingredients and top the rasam with the tadka.
10. Add the coriander leaves, cover and leave for a while so that the fragrance is retained.
11. Serve hot and with love.

Perfect with hot rice and ghee or as a soup by itself. This is a classic that is comforting in the colder months.

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