Protein-rich Fried Gram, Melted Butter, Healthy Cashews, A hint of cardamom

“Girija Paati’s maaladdu’s are the best in the world”, at least that’s what her grandchildren and every customer who has tasted them says. Now with melted butter, these little bits of heaven will melt in your mouth and make it almost impossible to stop eating them.

Can’t something so decadent actually be healthy? Surprisingly yes! The combination of Bengal gram and melted butter, along with a sizeable helping of nuts makes this a highly nutritious sweet. Of course, this is a sweet and it does contain sugar, so don’t overdo it.

Girija Paati’s maaladdus can be enjoyed with your evening cup of tea or coffee, as a dessert after a meal or as a lunch box filler for children and adults.

Butter Maaladdu