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Nothing like Home-Made Pickles

If you don't have the time to make your own,

2024 Mango Pickles

Avakkai (chunky), Kadugu Mangai (tender), Mangai Thokku (grated)

Home-made, Hand-made, Girija Paati's 50yr old family recipes


Love at first lick

Have just ordered and received the lime pickle .. it’s just absolute amazing .. my kids and all at home have devoured it .. all the best and keep making great food .

Rupal Mafatlal


Just Superb for people who love Green chilli

Its tangy tasty flavour blended with perfection.Packed brilliantly. I eat this every (day) with cold cured rice or milk rice. A perfect comfort food for summer.

Pavithra V Desai


Avakkai pickle

Really yummy pickle...finger licking good...loved it...must have with curd rice and papad🤩🤩🤩

Suchitra Shenoi


Classic tasty kadugu mangai

What a presentation of the product, just a change of colour in packing to GOLDEN FOIL BAG, the product is tastier even more. Getting this taste in Vadodara, Gujarat , I am blessed. Thank you Girija patti. All FIVE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Treveni Nagarajan


Why Girija Paati?

  • 50-100 yr old family recipes

    Unlike the pickles sold in retail or other online stores, our pickles are 100% homemade

  • Made only during harvest

    Say Mango (Apr-Jun), Gooseberry (Oct-Jan) & Lime (Dec-Feb) with ingredients sourced from villages in Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Andhra.

  • Zero preservatives or colouring

    Made with zero preservatives and cured with rock salt, pure gingely oil or pure coconut oil.

  • Gut-friendly

    Fermented using a traditional process that promotes natural probiotics.

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More Questions?

Why are Girija Paati's pickles so expensive compared to others?

Girija Paati's pickles are not factory made or mass produced.

They are hand-made with pure gingelly (sesame) or coconut oil, and produced in limited quantities, only during the harvesting season.

With 1st quality ingredients sourced from specific regions of South India.

Our recipes are time tested (over a century) for health and taste, and don't use sub-standard ingredients (like table salt or palm/cooking oils) to increase output or reduce cost.

Our pickles are cured carefully, with zero preservatives, colouring or additives.

If I don't like your pickle, what do I do?

Customers are like family coming home, so we want your heart and tummy to be full.

If you are not happy with anything, just whatsapp us. We will address it and will be happy to replace it with something you might like.

I want my pickle to be customised. Can you?

Why not. With cooked pickles yes we can. A minimum purchase quantity (a few kgs) will apply.

However, customisation won't be possible for pickles that need curing.