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White Ellu Urundai (White Til Sesame Laddu)

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Iron rich White Sesame Seeds, Country Jaggery, Absolutely No Sugar

Girija Paati's Ellu Urundais are little bites of health, which are also bursting with flavour. Made from natural jaggery and white sesame seeds, high in iron and a host of other nutrients, plus zero sugar, colouring or additives, these til laddus are just all natural goodness.

In fact, these Ellu Urundais are a perfect way to start your day or end a meal. Dessert and natural supplement rolled in one. Also, a great lunch box addition for that super active child or the one with a sweet tooth.


Customer Reviews

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Anjali Lal Gupta
Very tasty

Tasty laddus, made with jaggery and no sugar. Lets me have them guilt free. :)

Sunita Krishnadas
Yumminess delivered…

I had ordered Athirasam, sesame laddoos, kara biscuit, sambar powder and Mixture.
Athirasam was melt in the mouth texture , just the right amount of sweetness.
Sesame laddoos were very flavourful. Very soft and at the same time crunchy to bite into and heavenly taste.
Kara biscuit also was very tasty just a bit too spicy for me. Otherwise crispiness and taste was excellent.
Mixture and sambar powder are yet to be consumed so shall review later.
The packaging was such a wonderful surprise.
The gift received also a surprise very thoughtful and had varied items for sampling.
Loved the golden tins used to pack the goodies.
Thank you team Girija paati. Looking forward to many more wonderful delicacies.❤️

Nita Shetty
Guilt free indulgence

Absolutely a must try for all health conscious people and everyone else too. It comes packed in a lovely dabba and that makes it seem like Ma ke haath ke laddu


The taste of the sesame laddus are very original. Really crunchy and tasty. And not too sweet! Thanks Paati!


These til laddus match the description provided by the team. Not a trace of sugar but takes care of the craving - is crunchy and is ridiculously large in size - I doubt anyone with a commercial mindset will be this generous in the making - it’s Super tasty and was my most favourite item. I have a box left and have wiped off two boxes already. Do buy this for the goodness it packs and the great taste
The packing is so fantastic that one just knows how hygienically it’s been made. Every little detail is taken care of. Good job to the team and I am sure you will have a ton of people queuing up for the great taste and quality.

So happy that you loved the ellu urundai... you made our day special... thank you so much

White Ellu Urundai (White Til Sesame Laddu)

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