Fresh Roasted Peanuts, Country Jaggery, Fragrant Cardamom, Absolutely No Sugar or Glucose

Girija Paati's Verkadalai Urundais are little bites of heaven that are crisp and chewy at the same time. This old-fashioned recipe combines the delicate flavours of cardamom, the all-natural sweetness of jaggery and the wholesome goodness of roasted peanuts. The secret in this sweet is the consistency at which the jaggery is combined with the peanuts, to give it that special Girija Paati chewiness. 

In a world that is filled with sugary peanut balls, this product will give you the defining experience of what home-made peanut chikki should be.

Enjoy Verkadalai Urundai either as a dessert at the end of a meal or as a wholesome nutritions snack with a cup of filter coffee.

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Verkadalai Urundai (Peanut Chikki)