Whole Amla, Golden Tumeric, Lemon, Green Chillies, Ginger, Gingelly Oil

For centuries, Indian grandmothers have been making and creating home remedies that have protected the health and built the immunity of their families.
Girija Paati’s Uppu Nellikai combines the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, a whole bunch of vitamin C from gooseberries & lemons, antioxidants from green chillies & ginger, along with the healing properties of gingelly oil.

This is one home remedy that has been passed on from generation to generation and has worked wonders for Girija Paati’s family for eons. We hope that it will do the same for yours.

Uppu Nellikai (Salted Amal) can be eaten by itself or with a cup of curd rice or even with chapattis, once or twice a day. It is one of the tastiest ways we know to stay healthy and building immunity.

Note: Green chillies shown in the picture will not be present in your bottle. We remove them after the marination process.


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Uppu Nellikai (Salted Amla)