Tangy tamarind, Spicy dried red chillies, Soothing asafoetida, Fresh curry leaves, Sea fresh rock salt

Did you know, the famous South Indian puli sadam (tamarind rice) is traditionally made using a base paste (pulikachal or puliyodharai) and an add on podi (powder). For that perfect, old-fashioned style tamarind rice, the cook usually mixes in the paste first and then sprinkles the powder on top before giving the whole thing a through stir-through.

Girija Paati learnt this style of making puliyodharai from her mother-in-law 50 years back and she swears by the formula. So, we decided to let a good thing be and that’s why you’ll find that we are the only ones out there who have a puliyodharai set of paste and podi.

Try our Puliyodharai set once and you’ll never be able to go back. Add it to rice the traditional South Indian way, smear it on toasted bruschetta with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, use it as a dip for chips or as a side dish for parathas. Anyway you do, this tangy dish will have you hooked.

Puliodharai (Spicy tamarind mix)

For a more elaborate meal, serve with hot kootu (vegetable stew) and crispy sutta applam (fire-roasted papad).

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Puliyodharai Paste Podi Set (Spicy Tamarind Rice Mix)