Nellikai Pickle (Chunky Amla Pickle)

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Chunky Cooked Gooseberry / Amla Pickle

A classic South Indian Nellikai / Amla pickle with pieces of whole-cut gooseberry, cooked the traditional way and seasoned with Girija Paati's secret spice mix.
With an irresistible combination of sour, sweet and spicy flavours, this chunky curry-style pickle contains all the goodness and health benefits of the deceptively humble gooseberry combined with healing properties of asafoetida.
The traditional steaming process ensures maximum retention of nutritional properties and the natural flavour of the Amla.

Enjoy this curry pickle with rotis, dosa, pooris, adai and of course the South Indian staple curd rice.

Grab your bottle of Nellikai Pickle now, as the peak amla season is sweet but short and ends with the arrival of summer!

Customer Reviews

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Simply Delicious

Simply the Best Nellikai pickle I have had....has quickly become a daily staple...Thankyou Girija Paati..will be re-ordering soonest !!

Best Amla pickle

This is the best amla pickle I hv ever tried.. Just like it's name suggests it's chunky.. The marination is so perfect.. And amla is known for its health benefits too.. I strongly recommend this pickle.. Do try it.. M definitely going to reorder it..

Packs a punch

This is an absolute must try. It oozes of health - and is something one can eat with just about anything.... loaded goodness and packed in the most convenient manner for storage and use. The high standards kept by this team is commendable. Most might think of the price but believe me when I say this - my 73 year old mom gave a thumbs up and said this is perfect in taste. Not too oily or anything in excess / it’s a typical ghar ka achaar. Have it for the taste and the health benefits

Nellikai Pickle (Chunky Amla Pickle)

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