Fresh Organic homegrown Jackfruit, Village Jaggery, Dry Ginger, Desi Ghee

Girija Paati planted her first jackfruit tree to celebrate the birth of her last grandchild. Ten years down the line she has a whole harvest of organic, sweet, jackfruit every summer. A harvest the whole family waits for. As the harvest grew over the years, even after everyone had eaten their fill there were still loads of fruit ripening on the tress, so what did Girija Paati do?

She whipped out her grandmother’s Phalaghat (town on the border of Tamilnadu and Kerala) recipe gave it a twist with dry ginger and desi ghee to make an easily consumable halwa with a longer life.

Go ahead, we challenge you, you can never have enough of this gorgeous dish. The best part?

Our Jackfruit Halwa is all natural, organic and homemade with zero sugar, zero preservatives or colouring. So, no guilt.

How do you enjoy this gorgeous treat?

  1. Eat it for dessert as a halwa
  2. Enjoy with Chappathis, dosas or bread
  3. Use to make jackfruit Payasam or kheer
  4. Send as a lunchbox treat

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Jackfruit Halwa