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Exclusive - 10 items/1.6kg

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When you really want to go all out and make this festive season special for someone, or maybe just for yourself...

Girija Paati's Exclusive Gift Set contains (every single new year special):

    • Pepper Cashew - 150 gms
    • Kara Biscuit - 200 gms
    • Green Chilly Kara Sev - 150 gms
    • Special Kara Boondhi - 200 gms
    • Thenkuzhal Sev - 150 gms
    • Jaggery Walnut - 75 grams
    • Theratti Paal - 150 gms
    • Kovil Laddu - 6 pcs
    • Dry Fruit Burfi - 6 pcs
    • Rose Cake - 6 pcs

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Exclusive - 10 items/1.6kg

Whole Raw Tender Mango, Mustard, Red Chilli Powder, Rock Salt The joy of biting into a 'baby' raw mango covered with a fine layer of spice and discovering the raw, sour, juicy flesh inside is indescribable. Vadu Mangai, Maavadu or Kadugu Mangai, is a unique pickle that combines mustard with...
Rs. 450.00
Medicinal Mahani (Sarsaparilla) Root, Lime Juice, Red Chilli Powder, Mustard, Rock Salt Girija Paati will tell you that her mother would swear by the medicinal healing properties of the ancient Mahani root. Her family has been using this traditional plant as a part of their cuisine for centuries. Today, we bring...
Rs. 650.00 Rs. 700.00
Fresh Rice Flour, Country Jaggery, Fragrant Cardamom, Absolutely No Sugar Girija Paati's Adhirasam are little slices of heaven that melt in your mouth, even as you bite into them. This old-fashioned recipe combines the delicate flavours of cardamom, the all-natural sweetness of jaggery and the wholesome goodness of rice flour in a proportion...
Iron rich White Sesame Seeds, Country Jaggery, Absolutely No Sugar Girija Paati's Ellu Urundais are little bites of health, which are also bursting with flavour. Made from natural jaggery and white sesame seeds, high in iron and a host of other nutrients, plus zero sugar, colouring or additives, these til laddus are just all natural...
Rs. 650.00 Rs. 900.00
Raw Mango, Rustic Garlic, Mustard, Whole Methi Seeds, Whole Black Pepper, Gingely Oil, Rock Salt Girija Paati’s grandmother always served Avakkai that was at least a year old. The new Avakkai was left to ferment in a cool dark room with regular turnovers till she felt it was ready and...
Rs. 450.00 Rs. 450.00
Fresh juicy lemons, Healing turmeric, Sea Fresh rock salt With all the probiotic goodness of the spicy lime pickle, Girija Paati wanted her young kids to reap the benefits of this homemade wonder as well. So about 40 years back, she started setting aside a batch of the salted limes...
Handpicked and hand roasted curry leaves bring a whole new dimension to our classic paruppu podi A single, magical ingredient that addresses a whole host of health issues, right from stomach upsets to iron deficiencies, morning sickness to high blood sugar, the humble curry leaf is every Indian grandmother’s secret...
Nutritious Roasted Gram, Tangy Tamarind, Dried Red Chillies, Flavourful Garlic, Dried Coconut Garlic paruppu podi is very special to Girija Paati as it marks over 50 years of friendship with women who have been her companions through a long eventful life. A group of women who managed to make time for...
Rs. 350.00
Protein rich Moong dal flour, Rice flour for the crunch, Soothing asafoetida, Healthy white sesame, A dash of cow butter Muthu Saram or Mullu Murukku is one snack that always gets Girija Paati reminiscing about weddings. This quintessential Tamil savoury is filled with nutritious lentils & rice & gifted at auspicious functions. ...
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