Pure dates, a whole lot of nutty goodness, absolutely no sugar or sweeteners

The story of our date nut mittai is one of families coming together.

Girija Paati’s sambandhi (daughter-in-law’s mother) first came up with this recipe to fuel her young, sports crazy son and daughter during the long summer months.

When Girija Paati’s grandchild got into sports, her daughter-in-law got the recipe from her mother and used it to fuel the next generation through, not just the summers but, hyper-loaded school days as well.

This classic combination of energy giving dates and protein rich pistachios, almonds and cashews is the perfect snack for any age group, at any time of the day. Completely vegan, this mittai can be popped into lunch boxes, guzzled down as a break-fast-on-the-go, accompany a hot cup of evening tea and even be enjoyed as an after-dinner dessert.

Date Nut Mittai (Dry Fruit Laddu)