A secret blend of traditional, South Indian spices and strengthening, hand-roasted lentils

Sambar is a well-known and much publicised staple of South Indian mealtimes, be it a full course yelai pottu saapaddu (meal on a banana leaf) or a quick tiffin of crispy dosas. The secret of great Sambar obviously lies in the spice mix called Sambar Podi that gives it taste and aroma.

It is said of Girija Paati’s Sambar Podi that you will know when Sambar is being made from a kilometre away, as the fragrance will waft through your house and neighbourhood. While this may be an affectionate exaggeration of her grandchildren, the aroma of this Sambar Podi will definitely have your family at the dining table long before you serve it.

This Sambar Podi can be used to make the classic lunch sambar, the thicker "Arrachhu Vitta Sambar", the always popular Tomato Rasam, the delicious Urulai Kizanghu Roast (spicy potato curry), the all-time favourite Bisibela Bath, and a host of other mouth-watering South Indian delicacies.

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Sambar Podi