A hand-roasted old-fashioned family recipe with Manglorean Marathi moggu, Dhania, Bengal gram, Andhra red chillies and Exotic Indian spices

Girija Paati’s Bisibela Bath, spicy vegetable lentil rice, is a favourite among her siblings. Every time there’s a family get together all they want is her Bisibela Bath and Masala Potato. A good bisibela bath depends on two aspects, the order in which the ingredients are integrated into the dish (you can find this secret on our blog) and the masala or spice mix.

Girija Paati’s spice mix is a unique blend of her mother’s and mother-in-law’s recipes, a literal best of two worlds scenario. If it’s your first or infinite time making this dish, trust us, you will absolutely taste the difference when you take a little help from Girija Paati’s Bisibela Bath Podi. 

Apart from being used in this South Indian dish, Girija Paati’s Bisibela Bath podi it can also be used to add a twist to any South Indian vegetable curry.

Bisibela Bath Podi