Nutritious Urad Dhal, Fresh Rice Flour, Melted Butter, Crunchy Sesame 

Golden butter melted into a flour of urad dhal for protein and rice flour for crispiness, all of this made even more tempting with a dash of crunchy black sesame, makes Girija Paati’s Thengozhal Sev irresistible. The deliciousness of traditional Thenkuzhal combined with the unexpected bite of sesame in the shape of Sev or Oma Podi.

The perfect non-spicy snack for little ones, butter-lovers and grandparents, be it in snack boxes or with a cup of filter coffee or a glass of masala chai. Sprinkle it on top of Bisi Bela Bath, Sambar rice or curd rice for that extra crunch!

Thenkuzhal Sev (Thin Murukku)