How To Use Girija Paati's Puliyodharai Mix
Whether it’s a no-cook working day or a travel and adventure weekend, Girija Paati’s Puliyodharai is our first choice.

Spicy, tangy, delicious and nourishing, it’s a no-compromise choice for a busy day. The best part, it’s ready to eat and a perfect fit with rice or even as a pickle with rotis, pooris, idlies & dosas.

How to use Girija Paati's Puliyodharai Mix with rice - - shop now

For all you tamarind rice aficionados out there & those of you who are new to this tempting dish, here's how we use Girija Paati’s Puliyodharai rice mix (paste-podi set).

Method 1:
1. Cook fresh rice - avoid over cooking
2. Wait for the rice to cool
3. Add sesame / gingelly oil or ghee to taste
4. Mix in the puliodharai paste - start with a small amount, increase based on taste
5. Sprinkle & mix in the puliodharai podi* - based on personal taste
6.Eat immediately or pack to take in hand or do a bit of both 😋 🤤

*Girija Paati’s Puliyodharai podi has additional hot spices & seasoning. It should be used in much smaller quantities than the paste.

Girija Paati's Puliyodharai RICE MIX -

Method 2:
Alternatively, heat the Puliyodharai paste in a kadai, turn off the heat, add in the rice**, mix well and then add Puliyodharai podi to taste and mix again. Serve.
**Add ghee or til oil (optional)

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